Activitats extraescolars 2017 [English]

December 2016

Here we are preparing to sing our Christmas song, Ring the Bell, to the parents.


We practised the song for several weeks using lots of different instruments! Quite some noise was produced!!

Here’s the link to our song:


January 2017

Our third and fourth years spent January preparing to go to watch a play in English at the Amistat – “Freaky”!!  We had songs and dances to learn and many worksheets to do as well.  We couldn’t quite decide what our favourite song was – was it “Freak or Unique” or “Going on the Bus”!!

Here we are practising:

February 2017

This month, our third years spent their time learning about the farm: the animals, the buildings and their locations. For example, where is the stable? It’s behind the yard.


March 2017

March brought our spring project.  The children in the Infant School learnt about honey and the first and second years about bees as well.

This is our Extra Escolar display: the little ones drew us bees and the older children did a word search and a worksheet learning different vocabulary about the different types of bees, where they live and how they work.
















Here’s the link to the word search showing the vocabulary that they learnt.

April 2017

 It’s Easter time! Here we are colouring our Easter Bunnies.  We also talked about the children’s “monas” and the figures they had on top.  The children then learnt about the traditions for Easter in England, including the special cakes that we eat on Good Friday (Viernes Santo), Hot Cross Buns.  The children got to smell homemade hot cross buns and learnt the famous song which goes with the cakes!

Here’s the song:

May 2017

Time to prepare for the end-of-year Extra Escolar theatre performances! Here we are deep in a planning meeting brainstorming this year’s production.

The kids are pretty excited about this year’s play … something ambitious and somewhat different! Watch this space …

Meanwhile, in 6th year, preparations have begun for their short film plays. Last year we had Star Wars, Castle, 3 Little Pigs and the news. Let’s see what this year’s 6th years produce.  Here are their first planning sessions, all held in top secret with no group knowing what another is doing:

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